Why Work for a Credit Union?

Carol L. Middaugh, CUDE AVP-Marketing Corporate One Federal Credit Union http://www.corporateone.coop/www/

I have had the pleasure of enriching my life and those of others through my career in credit unions over the past 26 years and hope to continue for at least another 20 more years. You are probably thinking, “Gee, she must be old!” Well, define ‘old’.

I started my career with credit unions at 23. Through my technical college placement service, I was sent on an interview for the CEO position at TPS Credit Union (then Toledo Teachers Credit Union) in Toledo, Ohio. Armed with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and 2 years experience in retail sales management, the board of TPS CU took a chance on me to manage the credit union. I spent 8 fulfilling years growing it from $5 million to $16 million in assets and helping credit union members to a better life.

Since then I’ve held many positions with credit unions. The knowledge, friendships and most of all knowing that I have helped make a better life for many people throughout my career is worth more than money can buy! All along the way, I have become wealthier than any multi-millionaire will ever be.

Most people in credit unions have been as fortunate as I have and are passionate about what they do. Their main goal is to enrich ‘others’ lives and thus enriching their own life. This is why credit unions are a ‘MOVEMENT’ and not an ‘industry’. We are here to make a difference! We epitomize our slogan “Where People are Worth More Than Money”. We are not in the money business, we are in the people business.

I am constantly encouraging others to come join the credit union movement as a member, volunteer or better yet an employee. The average age of members, volunteers and staff are maturing and we need younger people to continue the passion. Try a career in credit unions. It is great to get paid for something that you will love to do. It is a decision you will never regret.

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